Another Tool for the Workday Toolbox
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A New Tool for Your Workday Business Asset Toolbox

Knowing what you have and where is critical to improving the management of your Business Assets within Workday.  Getting that data in a smooth and timely manner is all the more important to optimizing those fixed asset investments.

That is the mission of mobilePLUS – to accurately and securely capture your Business Asset data.  Our goal is to provide you with whatever you need to capture your data – and that you can rely on mobilePLUS to be your complete end-to-end solution for Business Assets.

Next quarter, we’ll be releasing v5.1 of mobilePLUS.  I’m always excited about our new releases – but I’m especially excited about v5.1.  It introduces a new functional inventory tool, our web-based Inventory Client.

The mobilePLUS Inventory Client

The Inventory Client was created to accommodate capturing asset data in organizations with a remote or hybrid workforce.  In the past, a spreadsheet may have been sent out for staff to review, note what they had in their possession, scan it, and email it back for data entry and recording.

The mobilePLUS Inventory Client will enable your remote team to log into a web page, review the assets assigned to them, and report their individual inventories.  Their data will fold into the reconciliation process just like any other asset inventory effort.  As a result, your staff will have a process that takes minutes to complete – and you will have electronic data as soon as they hit Save.

A Full Toolbox

mobilePLUS v5.1 now provides the strongest mix of tools available for assisting you in your Workday Business Assets inventory activities.  We have:

  • Our traditional mobile function (for those areas where individuals or teams are going out with a mobile device and scanning inventories)
  • The new web interface (for those individuals needing to record the assets they have from a browser page)
  • Or the old school manual approach (for those smaller areas where pen & paper is still the best tool for recording inventory)

Whatever you need – it’s available.  mobilePLUS lets you choose the appropriate approach (or a mix of methods) based on your individual area’s needs.

All of this comes with the other benefits mobilePLUS offers, including organizing your inventory work and jobs, leveraging barcodes, RFID, or both, easy reconciliation of audit data for publishing, and logging everything with easy access for inquiry and reporting.

Try it Out

Let us show you how mobilePLUS v5.1 can work for you.  We are currently offering a 60-day test drive of mobilePLUS for Workday that will enable you to test out your business case – in your own environment, with your own assets.  Contact us for a demonstration, and we’ll show you how we can get you streamlining your asset inventory processes and help you get the most out of those fixed asset investments – today.