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Solutions for Government

Working in a government organization comes with its own set of challenges. You often have all of the same needs and requirements as those of a commercial organization. But then, you may also have a layer of security, reporting, or other procedural requirements that need compliance.

It isn’t easy to find tools that meet all of these dynamic demands. They need to have demonstrated success. They need to be practical as options that will meet the complex and moving requirements of a government organization. And there needs to be a path that will enable you actually to procure the system once selected.

They’re not always easy to find, but those Proven, Practical, and Procurable solutions do exist.

Proven in Government

Unless a system has demonstrated that it can flexibly change with moving requirements over a true test of time, there is understandably some wariness with bringing it onboard. The mobilePLUS solution evolved from a long history of successful asset and data collection solutions deployed at every level of government.

After starting as the data collection component for a single ERP, mobilePLUS evolved into a comprehensive mobile asset solution, capable of working with all ERPs and business systems.

For over 20 years, mobilePLUS has ensured the collection and communication of accurate asset information at the Federal, State, and Local level. Some implementations have hundreds of sites communicating to a single business system. Others have multiple locations, domestically and internationally. Some installations have users that only periodically log in, but can do so – and begin working – without re-training or ongoing certifications.

Their stories are as varied as their missions. But they all have the challenge of navigating automation in the complex world of government – and have successfully done so, for years, with mobilePLUS.

Practical for Government

Systems that solve problems in government organizations don’t have an easy path. More than just resolving an issue or automating a specific process, solutions in this world need to operate within the strict parameters defined for security, data, and communications that comes with living in a government world – any government world.

A system that succeeds does so with one of two approaches – flexible design or significant customization.

Customization may seem tempting – who doesn’t like something “tailor-made” for them? But that can be very expensive to create, hard to support and administer, and difficult to adapt to new technologies or requirements – without even more customizations.

A flexible design, on the other hand, ensures that the solution can bend and adapt to changing needs and environments without modifying the system code. As a result, updates in your core business systems or ERP, modifications in your security requirements, even changes in your staff procedures, can be accommodated quickly – minimizing cost and downtime.

Solutions can meet every technology requirement, but still fail if they don’t have a successful implementation. It is important to ensure that the whole of the solution is well-defined.

More than just the code, a successful system should be quick to implement and be easy to use for you to begin getting value from it. The whole package should be well-defined and considered. After all, what good is any of the functionality if you can’t get it working, keep it working or understand how to use it?

The Components

A pre-built solution package that includes:
  • Mobile Device

    Leverages Android or Windows 10 mobile devices and has pre-built communications with the mobilePLUS Network IIS component.

  • mobilePLUS

    The pre-configured application provides all of the functionality in one package — certified for use with SQL Databases, Windows IIS Servers, and Windows 10 and Android Tablets.

  • Remote Services

    All of the services for tagging, configuration, installation assistance, training, and go-live support are available immediately — and without travel costs or health risks.

  • Next Generation

    Periodic post-implementation reviews of the Client solution are conducted to determine if any enhancements or changes may improve results — with no impact on previous investment in dollars or resources.

Procurable in Government

Trying to deploy a solution in a government organization is never easy. But when you do find the right one – you need to make sure that it is something that will meet purchasing requirements too. That’s where having solution providers that understand the needs of the whole solution – from the point of identification and design to procurement, and through ongoing support – can make all the difference.

HL Group has worked in the public sector for over twenty years. We’ve worked at all levels of government, carried DOD clearances, and have teamed with strategic system integrators and partners to ensure that our government customers have everything that they need to succeed with mobilePLUS.

We leverage established contract vehicles and respected government experts to assist you through the entire process to ensure that you have everything that you need – and require – to smoothly comply with your organization’s acquisition procedures.

Other Considerations

While making sure that a solution is proven, practical, and can be procured – there are some other things worth considering as you look at solutions for your team.

  • Can you take advantage of new technologies like RFID?
  • Can you leverage some of your existing investments in systems and mobile devices?
  • Can the system expand to manage assets outside of those required by your ERP or core business systems?
  • Can the system be implemented quickly?
  • Can the system be deployed without significant resources or training requirements?

These are just some questions to ask yourself as you are considering mobile asset solutions for your team. Here is some other information that may help:

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