A complete mobile inventory solution

About mobilePLUS

Tracking and reporting on your assets or unique items isn’t generally a popular task. Whether your part is the actual inventory audit, using the asset data that the inventory produces, or managing the inventory system itself – it’s never an easy job.

mobilePLUS is a complete mobile inventory solution. It was designed to quickly, easily, and accurately automate your asset tasks and audit activities needing completion for financial reporting, compliance requirements, operational planning or other purposes.

Combined with industry-leading mobile hardware and optional RFID technologies, mobilePLUS extends the reach of your business systems to wherever your assets are located.

What is mobilePLUS?

mobilePLUS is a complete mobile inventory solution. It is comprised of three key components – Host, Network and Client. Together, they provide a platform that will enable you to take your asset data, create and conduct inventory activities, compile and review results and distribute that data where it’s needed. This is all done electronically leveraging the latest in mobile devices and AIT technologies.

Starting with your existing asset data, mobilePLUS Host provides a way for you to create inventory activities and prepare them for your inventory/audit team members. Later, it can be used for reconciling results and tracking activities.

mobilePLUS Client resides on mobile devices and is used to conduct your inventories and audits – wherever your assets are located.

mobilePLUS Network operates in the background communicating between mobilePLUS Host and mobilePLUS client ensuring that asset data and updates are where they need to be – when they need to be there.

How does mobilePLUS work?

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    Instead of printing out information on your assets into inventory rosters or checklists, mobilePLUS gathers that information electronically and puts it into our Host dashboard so you can prepare inventory tasks for your team.
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    Operating on mobile devices, mobilePLUS Client takes those tasks and guides your inventory team through their count. It also provides your team with any additional information they might need along the way that may make the task even easier for them.
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    Once the team is done, mobilePLUS Client takes the information that the team collected on their devices and sends it back to the mobilePLUS Host for review. From there, the data is sent to your financial systems – quickly, easily, electronically – no data entry required.
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    mobilePLUS also offers you a complete data log that gives you an audit trail of all activities that occurred. You might use it for activity review, asset analysis, troubleshooting and more. It can be a valuable tool for understanding what happened and when.

Your data is collected, reviewed & communicated securely & electronically

If you’ve imagined an inventory without spreadsheets, data errors, recounts, arguments, and headaches – then you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at mobilePLUS.

Why Use mobilePLUS?

The philosophy that started mobilePLUS is to put people at the center of the solution. In our twenty years as a team, it has been our mission to make lives easier for the people tasked with doing data collection work – and the people tasked with using that data after the input.

mobilePLUS is focused on the ease of the task and the integrity of the data. These two elements go hand in hand when it comes to ensuring that your business systems contain accurate information for whatever your agency needs – when they need it.

Other considerations

Part of keeping a solution easy to use is ensuring that it can accommodate the changing needs of your organization. Assets may be constantly on the move and your team may be juggling a lot of different tasks, needs, and environments. But when it comes to complying with your inventory requirements, mobilePLUS can help:

  • Regardless of asset markings in linear barcodes, 2d barcodes or RFID
  • With or without network coverage anywhere the assets are located
  • With intuitive user screens to guide your team so you don’t have to spend a ton of time on training and support
  • Increase confidence in the integrity of the data that you enter.

mobilePLUS provides a way to quickly and easily streamline your inventories and ensure that the results data you collect is as accurate and timely as possible.

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A well-trained data entry operator will usually make a data entry error once every 300 keystrokes. Therefore, implementing even the least accurate barcode symbology is a huge step forward to increasing production and reducing data entry errors. Code 39, one of the more common barcode types, produces typically one misread in 4.5 million.
Ohio University Center for Automatic Identification