mobilePLUS for Workday


The Business Assets Challenge

  • Do you have annual inventories on your to-do list?
  • Do you have to track down things within your organization to make sure that you have them?
  • Or that they’re usable? Or that they are just located where they are supposed to be?
  • – and then report all of that back to Workday for reporting?

Maybe you do the financial reporting once those inventories are done. Or are you responsible for budgeting or operational planning after the inventory? If you’re dealing with the data after the inventory – you need to be sure that any data that is reported is accurate. Otherwise your reports or plans are going to be wrong – which can create all kinds of problems.

Just the mention of all of this may already have you reaching for the aspirin.

The Right Tool for Workday Business Asset Audits

Workday® is a great solution that can help many, many areas of an organization – once it has the data. But getting data into Workday can be its own challenge.

If you’re relying solely on Workday, that inventory or audit that you need to complete is going to have to be done with some legwork, likely a clipboard & pen, and definitely some data entry to get all of that information collected into Workday.

mobilePLUS for Workday is a complete mobile solution that is designed to help you to complete these tasks quickly and easily and electronically – getting everything that Workday needs – and communicating the results directly. No aspirin required.

How does mobilePLUS for Workday work?

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    Instead of printing out information on your business assets, mobilePLUS can communicate electronically with Workday® to get the data that each of your users need to complete the inventory.
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    mobilePLUS operates on mobile devices, guiding the inventory team through their count and providing them with additional information along the way to make the task easier for them. No more spreadsheets & clipboards.
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    When everything is said and done, mobilePLUS also offers you a complete data log that provides an audit trail of all activities that occurred. This data can assist in activity review, asset analysis, troubleshooting, and more. It can be a valuable tool for understanding what happened, where, and when.
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    If you’ve imagined an inventory without spreadsheets, data errors, recounts, arguments and headaches – than you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at mobilePLUS for Workday.

Why use mobilePLUS for Workday?

The philosophy that started mobilePLUS is similar to that behind Workday – put people at the center of the solution approach. In our twenty years as a team, our mission has been to make lives easier for the people tasked with doing data collection work.

The mobilePLUS for Workday solution focuses on the ease of the task and the integrity of the data. These two elements go hand in hand when it comes to ensuring that your Workday® solution contains accurate information for your business.

mobilePLUS has been designed to be compatible with Workday® Financial Management public web service APIs. mobilePLUS/HL Group is an Emerging Workday Partner.

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One particularly dangerous aspect of poor data quality is the false sense of security it can impart. Extensive or serious data errors could blind you to problems in your business. Left unattended, those errors could lead to much bigger problems., April 3, 2019