mobilePLUS & ERPs

Extend the Reach of Your ERP

Your ERP is the central hub of information for your organization. Its role is crucial to your operations and overall success.

As important as it is, an ERP can’t automate every activity that needs to be done – or possibly complete all of those tasks in the way that you prefer. You need something to fill the gap.

Respect the Investment in Your ERP

Your ERP has an enormous responsibility in your business. To get it where it is today, you’ve likely spent a significant amount of time and money so that it suits your organization’s specific needs.

As great as ERPs are in Financials and HR, they don’t always cover all of the needs in your business. So when you search for a means to fill those gaps, you need to find a partner solution that will:

  • Respect your ERP as your organization’s System of Record

    It should not duplicate data or functionality of your ERP – but rather fill a gap or complement an effort of your ERP. The solution should meet the needs of your respective teams while respecting that the core solution is your ERP.

  • Expand the benefit of the Investment you’ve made in your ERP.

    A partner solution takes the needs and requirements of your ERP and adds a layer of functionality to make the lives of the users easier, and the end results better. This will always extend the return on your investment.

The Right Partner to Your ERP

The right partner system complements your ERP. The end result of the combination of the two should move the final results further and faster than the individual solutions would on their own.

In addition to adding functionality, a robust partner solution should also meet technical needs. As the system of record for your business, your ERP likely has specific requirements for the data it needs and how it receives that data.

Filling the Asset Gap

The needs of inventory and audit activities surrounding fixed business assets are frequently not met by an ERP alone. The right mobile solution can fill this gap – and get your ERP the accurate information that it needs to be successful.

mobilePLUS is that solution.

Adding to Your Assets

Where your ERP manages your central asset data, mobilePLUS enables mobile data collection tasks for those fixed business assets. It focuses on the accurate and timely collection of data – wherever the asset is located. That ensures that the results created will optimize the output of your ERP.

mobilePLUS has also been designed to communicate with ERPs through specific APIs or via standard data formats. This guarantees the shortest path to accurate asset data records in your ERP.

The Work Beyond Your ERP

In today’s economy, we must get the maximum return on every investment that we make. So it only makes sense that we extend the value of our device investments out to other needs we have across our organizations.

One Platform for your ERP & Non-ERP Audit Needs

mobilePLUS offers a single tool that can collect information on all of your assets. Electronically, it can then send the ERP (or any other business system that you may be using) the data that it needs. mobilePLUS can also manage the information not required by the ERP within mobilePLUS Host.

Make it Mobile

More and more, our businesses are moving functions out to where the activity is happening. Mobile devices are making their way into manufacturing, supply chains, and much, much more. It only makes sense that they would also be used to conduct fixed business asset audits and inventories.

Why send out a clipboard and a spreadsheet to account for your assets and then take more time to enter that information into your ERP. A mobile asset inventory solution, like mobilePLUS, can complete the job by leveraging the data in your ERP and build on that with functionality to collect what you need to know from a scan of your assets.

The Components

A pre-built solution package that includes:
  • Mobile Device

    Leverages Android or Windows 10 mobile devices and has pre-built communications with the mobilePLUS Network IIS component.

  • mobilePLUS

    The pre-configured application provides all of the functionality in one package — certified for use with SQL Databases, Windows IIS Servers, and Windows 10 and Android Tablets.

  • Remote Services

    All of the services for tagging, configuration, installation assistance, training, and go-live support are available immediately — and without travel costs or health risks.

  • Next Generation

    Periodic post-implementation reviews of the Client solution are conducted to determine if any enhancements or changes may improve results — with no impact on previous investment in dollars or resources.

Other things to consider

  • Flexibility in Devices: mobilePLUS works with a wide variety of mobile devices – possibly ones that you already use in your organization. Why not extend the benefit of that investment by using them with mobilePLUS
  • Flexibility in Markings: The mobilePLUS solution was designed to work with standard barcodes, 2D barcodes and RFID. You can leverage whatever markings make the most sense with your individual assets – all with a single mobilePLUS solution.
  • Flexibility in Management: mobilePLUS won’t disrupt the workload of your ERP team. The solution package can be implemented remotely and prepared for your environment via configurations – not customizations.

It can be daunting to search for mobile solutions for your ERP. mobilePLUS has provided a successful solution to the needs of many organizations that have been where you are. As you are considering mobile asset solutions for your ERP, here is some other information that may help:

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