mobilePLUS & Industrial Tablets

The right tool for the job

Computers may have been right at home in an office – but they didn’t successfully fit into processes that weren’t done at a desk. Teams had tried over the years to bring computing outside of that office environment. It wasn’t easy, efficient – or often very effective.

Enter the industrial tablet.

The industrial tablet now provides that flexible platform that can go wherever the work needs to be done. Problem solved, right?

Are you getting the most from your investment?

Industrial Tablets are revolutionizing how some organizations are working. They run on standard operating systems like Windows or Android. They fold into work processes, security protocols and deliver many of the functions of a hardened PC – but do so wherever your work needs to be done.

In deciding on your industrial tablets – you probably considered factors like:

  • Mobility saves time – which saves money
  • Usability features are at the core of the tablet design – built for easy use
  • Ruggedized tablets have a lower cost of ownership than commercial tablets or traditional PCs because they:

    • Are designed to last for years
    • Don’t need repair or replacement as often
    • Are less prone to failure – less downtime & maintenance means less cost

You may have bought your devices to fulfill a specific need. However, the power, durability, and features of these tablets offer you more than you may have realized.

The power of data collection

Did you know that many industrial tablets are built with barcode readers or RFID options to enable data capture? If you want to scan data, you don’t have to purchase a separate data collection device – you actually already have one.

You can expand the use of your industrial tablets to include data collection tasks. It may not seem like a powerful function – but have you considered the benefits?

Know what you have & where you have it

There is a data collection solution that can deliver additional value from your tablet investment – quickly, easily, and within your existing infrastructure.

mobilePLUS is that solution.

mobilePLUS is a mobile inventory solution designed to automate your fixed asset inventory tasks quickly and accurately. Built to run natively on your Industrialized Tablet, it extends the reach of your asset audit activities out to wherever your assets are located – and then communicates the data collected electronically – and securely.

Once only available on mobile handheld devices, mobilePLUS now offers the same user experience on your tablets. It works seamlessly within your current environment, meeting existing security parameters, and communicates directly with your ERP or other business systems. And, it is certified for use with the leaders in Windows and Android Industrial Tablets.

A powerful combination

In today’s economy, we must get the maximum return on every investment that we make. So it only makes sense that we extend the value of our device investments out to other needs we have across our organizations.

Your Industrial Tablets & mobilePLUS

You may have purchased your industrial tablet for a specific purpose, but did you consider how much more you can get out of that investment? The return on your Industrial Tablet is expanded when you add mobilePLUS – making it a powerful data collection device.

The value behind mobilePLUS is its ability to generate accurate, trustworthy, and timely data. The combination of your tablets and mobilePLUS enables the capture, review, and communication of asset data quickly and electronically – wherever your staff is located and wherever that data is needed.

The Tag Possibilities

The data capture functions that mobilePLUS provides not only include compatibility with standard linear barcodes – but also 2D barcodes and RFID tags – in whatever combination that your organization needs.

mobilePLUS also enables the addition, replacement, or expansion of asset tag markings.  By adding mobilePLUS to your industrial tablet functions, you can:

 Add tags to assets that you may not have considered tracking in the past (or maybe did so manually)

 Leverage RFID functionality with critical, high-value or hard to reach assets

Bringing it all together

mobilePLUS offers a full solution to leverage and extend the value of your Industrial Tablets. Those same factors that you likely considered when you selected your tablets – saving time, ease of use, low administration & maintenance – are all enhanced with mobilePLUS.

mobilePLUS is a packaged solution that was designed to be implemented and put to use within your existing environment, with your existing tools & tablets – all in a matter of days (not months). Part of that package design was ease for your team – ease of configuration, ease of use, and ease of ownership and administration.

The Components

A pre-built solution package that includes:
  • Mobile Device

    Leverages Android or Windows 10 mobile devices and has pre-built communications with the mobilePLUS Network IIS component.

  • mobilePLUS

    The pre-configured application provides all of the functionality in one package — certified for use with SQL Databases, Windows IIS Servers, and Windows 10 and Android Tablets.

  • Remote Services

    All of the services for tagging, configuration, installation assistance, training, and go-live support are available immediately — and without travel costs or health risks.

  • Next Generation

    Periodic post-implementation reviews of the Client solution are conducted to determine if any enhancements or changes may improve results — with no impact on previous investment in dollars or resources.

Some other things to consider

Your industrial tablets were a big investment. As you look at ways to expand the benefits of your devices, here some other aspects to consider:

  • Flexibility in Coverage: mobilePLUS was designed to work independently of a network. So regardless of the environment or level of network coverage available where your assets reside, mobilePLUS can leverage your existing tablets to get the information that your business systems need.
  • Flexibility in Use: mobilePLUS won’t disrupt other applications. Your industrial tablets likely have multiple uses. mobilePLUS was designed for implementation and use that won’t disrupt your other tablet needs.
  • Flexibility in Training: mobilePLUS comes with all of the tools that you need to bring your staff up to speed on use quickly. Training can be delivered whenever, wherever you see fit – by you. No outside staff required.

As you are considering expanding your industrial tablet benefits with mobilePLUS, here is some additional information that may be helpful:

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.
Dean Kamen