mobilePLUS for DPAS

Are your asset inventories for DPAS a challenge?

Getting your asset inventory data entered into DPAS quickly and easily can seem impossible sometimes. You may have asset items all over the place. You may have different staff to conduct your inventories every time you run them. Some assets may have barcodes, some RFID, and some may have a combination (or worse – neither one). There are also those areas across your organization where you may assets located – but you don’t have any network options at all.

Using a pen & clipboard isn’t your only option

What if we told you that you could execute your inventories with a mobile device (maybe even one you already own) and communicate that information electronically back to DPAS?

What if we also told you that you could do that:

  • Regardless of asset markings in linear barcodes, 2d barcodes or RFID
  • Without network coverage required where the assets are located
  • With intuitive user screens to guide your team, so you don’t have to spend a ton of time on training and support
  • And be confident in the integrity of the data that you enter.

DPAS is a powerful solution used across the DOD and many federal agencies. The challenge for you may be ensuring that the asset inventory data that you provide to it is as accurate and timely as possible.

We can help.

mobilePLUS for DPAS is a complete mobile solution designed to help you to complete your inventory tasks quickly, easily, and electronically – collecting everything that DPAS needs and communicating that information directly into DPAS.

How does mobilePLUS for DPAS work?

  • icon-process-1c
    Instead of printing out information on your assets, mobilePLUS can communicate electronically with DPAS to get the data that each of your users needs to complete the inventory.
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    mobilePLUS operates on mobile devices, guiding the inventory team through their count and providing them with additional information along the way to make the task easier for them. No more spreadsheets & clipboards.
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    Once the team is finished, mobilePLUS can easily take the information that they collected on their devices and send it right back to DPAS– quickly, easily, electronically – no data entry required.
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    When everything is said and done, mobilePLUS also offers you a complete data log that provides an audit trail of all activities that occurred. This data can assist in activity review, asset analysis, troubleshooting, and more. It can be a valuable tool for understanding what happened, where, and when.

If you’ve imagined an inventory without spreadsheets, data errors, recounts, arguments, and headaches
– then you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at mobilePLUS for DPAS.

Why use mobilePLUS for DPAS?

The philosophy that started mobilePLUS is to put people at the center of the solution approach. In our twenty years as a team, it has been our mission to make lives easier for the people tasked with doing data collection work – and the people tasked with using that the data after the input.

mobilePLUS for DPAS is focused on the ease of the task and the integrity of the data. These two elements go hand in hand when it comes to ensuring that your DPAS solution contains accurate information for your organization.

The cost of bad data can be sizable. Every time you make decisions based on less-than-reliable asset data, you are putting your organization at risk.