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Asset Advantage PLUS Expands – Now Includes Mobile Receiving

HL Group is pleased to announce the latest addition to their Asset Advantage PLUS (AA+) Solution for PeopleSoft: Mobile PeopleSoft Receiving. The AA+ Receiving module (MPR) will allow for real-time receipt of inventory and asset items from a mobile computer against a purchase order existing in PeopleSoft. This allows the capture of key receipt information – where the activity occurs. MPR also keeps it easy by leveraging barcode, drop-down options and other features for quick and trustworthy completion of this task. MPR incorporates the same architecture as AA+, utilizing a direct web service communication with PeopleSoft for the retrieval of Purchase Order data and the insertion of collected PO Receipt information.

Standard Features:

  • Access to all PO’s available for Receiving – where the items are received
  • Easy selection options to quickly present the correct PO and it’s pertinent information needed for receipts
  • Clean and intuitive process to collect the required data for receipt, such as Quantity, Lot, Serial Number or Asset ID, configured to your PeopleSoft requirements
  • Streamlined upload of the receipt data directly back into the PeopleSoft Tables

HL Group’s Asset Advantage PLUS is the foremost Asset Management Solution for PeopleSoft AM. Asset Advantage PLUS, coupled with our proven experience and comprehensive implementation methodology allows us to deliver quality Asset Management solutions quickly, on-time and within budget. Find out more about Asset Advantage PLUS and HL Group by visiting our website or contacting us at info@mobileplusgroup.com.