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assetsPLUS v4.0 – Capability Driven by our Customers

HL Group is pleased to introduce the latest version of our assetsPLUS solution – assetsPLUS 4.0. This release, like previous versions, ensures that our asset solution keeps pace with edge technology – and encompasses the functional enhancements requested by our customers.

It is not difficult creating and maintaining the premiere solution for mobile asset management with ERP’s when you have a customer base that is involved with your direction for a solution. Naturally, everyone provides updates to their software products. Some changes are driven by industry directions, others are driven by internal optimization, and finally some by requests from individual customers.

In the case of many mobile asset solutions, changes have been influenced by outside factors like: corporate mobile strategy, cloud / network transitions and cost. Less has been done in creating a stronger user capability and environment for better overall strategic leverage, which is the primary focus of our enhancements.

When you’re dealing with s solution that can have such a high financial impact for organizations when it’s fully leveraged – you continuously talk with your customers regarding what additional values they would like to create from this internal effort of auditing assets. This is what shaped the core assetsPLUS solution that includes:

Tight ERP Integration:

    • Single system of record
    • Leverage existing investment & knowledge
    • Available to both On-premise and Cloud environments
    • Data available for extended business analysis/strategic use

Solid Architecture:

    • User has ALL functionality required during their audit – on their mobile handheld
    • Barcode and/or RFID available with no custom changes required
    • 100% availability with or without network access
    • Minimize or eliminate data/network security issues

Low-Risk Investment:

    • 2+ decade history and 4th generation of the application
    • Large domestic/international long-term customers with multi-year agreements
    • Strongest documentation in the industry for implementation & support
    • Single monthly expense covers everything; implementation, software & support

What you can expect with the v4.0 release of assetsPLUS this month:

  • Enterprise Flexibility – Solution that allows individual business units their unique version without coding
  • Additional Master Tables – Extended user decision making options regarding additions, updates, etc.
  • Improved User Interface – Simplifying their host communication, auditing and editing activities
  • Group Audits – Allowing groups to work together and maintain visibility to the others activities
  • Expanded Queries & Displays – A number of new and/or enhanced reports that provide 100% configurability on content and actions

HL Group wishes to thank our customers for their continued support and contributions in helping make assetsPLUS the première ERP mobile solution for asset management. We look forward to many more years of working with you and continuing this tradition.