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Data – Key to Healthy Decisions

In our world – it’s all about data.  Our entire existence focuses on assisting organizations to improve the management of their investments in physical assets – and data is the key element in that mission.  In fact, if you search our past posts on the word “data,” you get 191 results.  As I said, it’s all about data.

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” – Sherlock Holmes

We’re not alone in our focus on data.  It seems as though half the college people I talk with are getting a data analytics degree or something that includes data usage.

The latest challenge seems to be the amount and the trustworthiness of the data we’re trying to use.  There were already volumes of data that needed to be waded through – now, with the explosion of AI, we have a whole new aspect of vetting data to consider – and the impact on results.

Couple that with the natural human tendency to resist the data results they don’t want to hear (truth can hurt) – or just flat-out don’t agree with, making decision processes that much more difficult.

Here are three ways we recommend to make the process more manageable – and create solid results:

  • Determine What You Need – There’s always “extra” data that doesn’t necessarily advance your efforts or results. Focus on the most useful data, which will ensure the cleanest results – and the least effort.
  • Leverage the Best Tools – For the best outcomes, look for those automation tools that match cost & effort to the value gained & least disruption to your organization.
  • Commitment to Accept the Results – The entire investment in time, labor, and cost is wasted if you don’t leverage the results delivered.

 “If we have data, let’s look at data.  If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine.” – Jim Barksdale

As I said, our life centers around helping teams like yours to manage organizational asset investments, valued item tracking, or critical infrastructure with trustworthy data – not results tied to emotional expectations.

If you are interested in the strongest tool for providing the best data regarding your investment in physical assets, we’re here to help.