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DT Research – Leading Industrial Tablet Manufacturer & New mobilePLUS Partner

DT Research Laptop and Tablets with mobilePLUS screensWhile mobilePLUS extends the reach of your unique item and asset audit activities out to wherever they are located – we can only do so if we have the right mobile devices.  DT Research manufactures those devices.

Founded in 1995 in Silicon Valley, DT Research is dedicated to designing and manufacturing purpose-built computing devices that thrive in harsh environments.   Their suite of rugged tablets and laptops provides a perfect complement to our mobilePLUS software.

“A strong team can make any vision turn into a reality.”

– John Carmack

DT Research strives to provide unique customizable solutions that are characterized by durable and versatile hardware with reliable software.  As our newest partner, they support our mission to track and manage your items – even in the most demanding environments.

HL Group is continually working to deliver mobile tracking and inventory solutions that offer the highest value for our customers. Our partnership with DT Research advances this effort and, most importantly, contributes to the success of our customers.