Workday Business Assets Management
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Workday Business Assets – Better Managed Investments

We’ve written before on the value your business assets represent in investments, as critical tools, and their productivity impact.  There has never been a higher need for our assets than today as we face labor availability issues, higher costs, and material shortages.

While there is a strong need for better asset visibility and management – it needs to be coupled with tools that optimize our costs and efforts for this improvement.  Many automation tools provide some “cool” features but fall short of a strong ROI in meeting goals.

We accepted that challenge to improve your optimization goals for your assets with our mobilePLUS solution.

Five of the top areas we can address are:

  • Improved Visibility – What do I have, where is it, and where has it been
  • Ease of Use – Simple directed activities for maximum results and no errors
  • Not Disruptive – Rapid implementation with little resource impact or risk
  • Latest Technology – Leverage the best tools to improve accuracy with less effort
  • High ROI – Payback is immediate for impacting your investments and utilization

While we are not at Workday Rising this year, a number of our associates are there, and they can assist with your inquiry.  Also, visit the Workday sessions on Business Assets – they also have information on mobilePLUS.

Let us demonstrate how mobilePLUS can directly impact and improve your asset management with Workday Business Assets.  We provide a tool that not only automates your effort around physical audits but also with the best fit for your environment (mobile devices, RFID, and/or remote web-based).

HL Group has served the physical asset management market for over two decades with a special focus on PeopleSoft, Federal Government, DOD – and now Workday.  Our mobilePLUS solution is the derivative and accumulation of all those customers’ needs and desires.

Give us a chance to prove how we can impact your organization!