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Happy Birthday America!

As we continue moving forward as a nation, I’m frequently reminded of the many things that make America the land of freedom and opportunity envisioned by our founding fathers.  Among these are our resilience and strength.

This year’s Independence Day birthday celebration is unlike any I have experienced in my 65 years – and  I am assuming it is the same for you.  Despite the challenges of the coronavirus, ongoing social unrest, and even isolation from those things we value – like family, community, fireworks, bar-b-ques, we still have a reason to celebrate.

We are a nation that has faced challenges in the past and was successful in overcoming them and moving forward.  It seems that sometimes, especially when so much seems to be coming at us, we lose sight of the fact that the United States is a special place.  We are unique and need to remember the good in that.

As we celebrate this weekend, please join me in keeping those that have given of themselves for our great nation and those that continue to do so in your thoughts and prayers.