Independence Day Flag and Sparklers
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Happy Independence Day!

What a weekend it was!  Especially after last year – it was great having the opportunity to be with family and friends for three days to celebrate our country’s Independence Day.

While we’re still growing as a nation (& I hope that never stops), we certainly have another reason to celebrate our good fortune of being part of this republic.  We have the freedom to choose and execute our destiny – win or lose.  Either result has an important place in our success.

  • Winning – Represents the vision for a path to success that comes from education, experiences, and growth – and provides the rewards and motivation to go again.
  • Losing – Represents the strength we had for the deliberate effort in trying – and the opportunity to learn and do better next time.

These past 18 months dealing with the pandemic has actually opened the door to developing new ways of doing business (or education & or experiences) in a completely different mode – remotely.

While I’m at the point where I have no problem not getting back on airplanes, staying in hotels, and going back to our pre-pandemic approach to meeting – I appreciate the fact that we have new options to achieve the same goals.  And these new, remote options offer the benefits of the ability to respond more quickly and economically.

Change – A Competitive Advantage

This remote business practice hasn’t come without some fundamental challenges.  How do you establish rapport or effectively read body language while video conferencing?  Interestingly, we have found an alternative or a new way to achieve the same goal with each new challenge.  Of course, when you’re in this type of change, you’re bound to experience mistakes.  But the lessons of those mistakes help us to understand, adjust, and improve.

A Year of New Challenges

I believe we all need to appreciate that we live in a country that provides these types of opportunities and the freedom to go after them.  And I think the side of freedom that we often overlook is that when we achieve less than our goals, we can continue trying till we get it right.

Let’s pray for our country for what it has been  – and what it can still be in the future.  And while we’re on the subject – let’s also include in those prayers that things continue to improve in the second half of 2021 – it is for us!  (& did I mention we’re hiring?)

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” — Napoleon Hill