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Introduction to HighJump Software App Station

“Wouldn’t it be nice if…” Even the solutions that we have come to rely on as our business workhorses could always be improved if they could just do X or if Y were available. Old school methods required a request to the software manufacturer for the functionality. Then you wait to see if your request is included in the next release. Sometimes you get your request – and sometimes you just get additional functions that may or may not be of benefit to your organization.

Enter the HighJump Software App Station. We have come to rely on the App Store to get us the specific functions and tools we need for our phones. Well, the HighJump App Station is like an App Store for your WMS. The App Store allows you to select tested functions and install them on your Warehouse Advantage solution – without hiring services, customizing your code or compromising the WA solution personalization’s that you have in place. The App Station is a great way for you to enhance your solution quickly, easily and without additional expenses. That is because access to App Station – and all of its Apps are included in the price of your HighJump maintenance. App Station from HighJump is definitely worth checking out.

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