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John O’Leary’s Virtual Book Launch Party: IN AWE

I came across John O’Leary a few years back when he had given a speech at his high school alma mater.  Ever since hearing him speak, I have been “in awe” of not just his story, but how he lives his life.  He demonstrates how you can overcome impossible situations and odds to live a life of value.

After learning more about John and reading his first book, On Fire, I have been a subscriber of his Monday morning blog.  I have frequently included references from his blog in support of my Posts.  He has a fantastic ability to relate a story into a positive life lesson.

I am now completing his new book In Awe.  It isn’t just inspirational, but it is a great lesson for today’s unique challenges.  Given today’s environment, John leveraged technology and hosted an online Virtual Book Launch Party, which I highly recommend watching.  While an hour in length, he does an excellent job of unpacking his book, and it is well worth the time investment.

John has joined my list of heroes discussed in my Posts.  This list includes Katherine JohnsonHarriet TubmanCondoleezza RiceBarbara Bush, and my Aunt Dorothy (along with others from my family that served in WWII).  Additionally, there are many other “everyday heroes” in my life, including my family, friends, employees, and community.  Each provides me a lesson worth learning.

While we move forward and into the next phases of 2020 and its unique challenges, it is good that we have authors like John O’Leary that offer some inspiration and wisdom for dealing with these challenges.  I really enjoy John’s Monday blogs.  Click on this link if you would like to check them out for yourself.