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mobilePLUS Obtains Network & Product Approvals in DOD

Working closely with our partner Liona Enterprises over the past few months, we have obtained the approval to deploy TechTracker (the Liona version of mobilePLUS) in a branch of the Department of Defense.

This will enable DOD clients to leverage TechTracker for DPAS, ServiceNow, BMC/Remedy, and other controlled asset applications for inventory and movement needs.

TechTracker is also 100% RFID-enabled for these applications.

The process of achieving these approvals allowed HL Group to further harden the mobilePLUS platform (the foundation TechTracker).

This additional security update, coupled with the unparalleled functionality of mobilePLUS, makes it the industry leader for mobile asset inventory and tracking needs.

With the recent SOC2 certification of our cloud environment, it is now easier than ever to get an organization-tailored solution into production quickly.

Let us show you how mobilePLUS can address your asset inventory visibility needs – regardless of whether you’re in the government or commercial sector.

Contact me if you’d like a copy of the DOD Proof of Concept Brief or to discuss your specific asset needs.