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The Multiple Benefits of the Super Bowl

In case you hadn’t heard, have been out of the country – or just plain don’t care – this Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. A crazy amount of chili, wings, chips, and grain-based beverages will be consumed. People from Philadelphia and Kansas City will be a little frantic. And commercials will be given a brief window of time where they are celebrated as opposed to quickly skipped over.

It’s a little crazy – but that’s Super Bowl Sunday for you.

What I find interesting is that this one event has rippling benefits for so many people – many of whom have nothing in common. Across the country, there will countless Super Bowl parties – and, oddly enough, you don’t need to love football to enjoy this phenomenon.

If you are a football fan (especially one from Philly or Kansas City), the benefit is obvious. But there are also those who are less fanatic and enjoy Super Bowl Sunday, too – for a variety of reasons.

The Food – For some, Super Bowl Sunday may be all about the food (and possibly how to out-do the others or even your own previous contributions)

The Social Aspect – Many people just love getting together with friends and family – and could care less about the game

The Commercials – I think it’s hilarious that something that is so annoying the rest of the year is the absolute focus for some on Sunday

The Quiet – Since most people are in family rooms and sports bars, there are many people who purposely go to the movies/mall/grocery store on Super Bowl Sunday simply because it’s so quiet and less crowded

The funny thing is that the range and diversity of impact aren’t all that different when you implement a new solution in your business. There are those that are the obvious direct beneficiaries. But there are also others across an organization that may benefit in ways you didn’t even consider.

When we implement our mobilePLUS mobile solution, the most obvious staff members that benefit are the teams tasked with conducting the inventories. Automating significantly saves them time, and effort – and generally makes their lives a little easier.

Other teams that benefit include:

Financial Reporting – the teams tasked with completing reporting on assets will have their data more quickly and accurately with an automated solution over the traditional clipboard capture and data entry approach.

Operations – once automation is in place, these teams will have a much better view of where things are across an organization and make action decisions accordingly (reallocate items to different areas, return them to where they are needed, request new asset purchases, etc.).

Budgeting – having timely, accurate data on assets will assist those responsible for budgets with better information on which to base their decisions to procure, pad, or hold steady.

Management – some members of management will benefit from timely information that they can trust to make business decisions. Other members of management will like the fact that their teams are having an easier time with their tasks – so they don’t have to chase after them to get inventories/reporting/budgeting/etc. done.

It’s often not obvious all of the areas or people that can be impacted by solutions or events. But whether you’re an Eagles fan, a Chiefs fan, or just in it for the food/commercials/friends/whatever – I hope that you have a fun – and safe – Super Bowl Sunday.

And if you’re looking for ways to improve your asset inventory management – let’s talk. I’d love to hear about what you’re trying to accomplish – and what your favorite commercial this weekend is.



Wes is the President of HL Group, Inc., a premier provider of mobile asset inventory management and warehouse solutions. He writes regularly about management, solution integration, and technology.