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New Year’s Resolution Time…..

Well, it’s that time of year. Time to take stock, make plans, and shift our focus to the fresh start laid out before us.

There are the classic resolutions:

  • Eat better – I could add more steak to my diet to increase protein….
  • Get Out & Exercise more – A few extra rounds of golf would be worth the sacrifice…
  • Save more – My daughter will understand if she doesn’t get another pair of Uggs…
  • Get organized – I suppose I could make some room on my desk….maybe for that box of Cubans that I got from Santa….

All do-able, right? We won’t talk about the fact that those items have appeared on my New Year’s Resolutions annually…..for more years than I care to admit.

But what I like about this time of year is the optimism that comes with looking at all of the possibilities for the year ahead.

I think we can all agree that 2016 was a crazy year. I don’t know anyone who isn’t ready to put this one in the books. But for my team at HL Group, it actually wasn’t a bad year.

  • mobilePLUS got some great functional expansion in the 2016 release
  • We had some challenging projects – but they all had great outcomes
  • Our website was overhauled and my team is (slowly) convincing me to embrace social media

In 2017, we’re looking forward to releasing more mobilePLUS functionality and ERP connections. I’m also looking forward to spending more time talking to organizations about how they manage their fixed assets. Maybe we can help them with their New Year’s Resolutions…

  • Get Healthy – Are they carrying more assets than are being used?
  • Get Moving – Does their inventory practice revolve around reviewing an Excel printout – or is the team actually getting out and looking at assets and verifying the shape they’re in?
  • Get Saving – What is it costing to insure or pay taxes on assets that aren’t being used anymore? Are they buying additional assets in case they can’t find the things their inventory says that they have (or find them in working condition) when they need them?
  • Get Organized – Do they actually know where all of their assets are?

So as we wrap up 2016, I’d love to hear about your year and what resolutions are on your list.

Regardless, I wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!