HLG Products & Functions Random Thoughts

Out with the Old, In with the New

It’s hard to believe that we’re wrapping up another year. And as far as years go – 2017 wasn’t without its challenges:

  • Natural disaster (after natural disaster, after natural disaster – floods, hurricanes, fires…)
  • Unsettling international activities that reminded me of those old cold-war attack drills (like hiding under my school desk would save me from a Soviet invasion….)
  • Government conflict like I’ve never seen
  • Healthcare costs skyrocketed for everyone
  • My daughter started college (this one’s just my family’s challenge – and possibly the folks at Missouri State)

There are many others – and I’m sure you have your own list too. But even with all the challenges in 2017, there is still so much to be thankful for – and that (for me) creates an excitement for 2018. For example, around the country:

  • The economy is continuing to recover
  • Unemployment continues to decrease
  • Congress will get another chance to get it together (or we have the “election option”)

From our company point-of-view, we’re continuing the introduction and expansion of our mobile asset and RFID solutions with:

  • Expanded handheld capability
  • Expanded data connectivity and visibility
  • Additional mobile options for better cost / performance
  • A growing team of strategic partners and markets

I have never been more optimistic about the opportunities that we have going into this next year.  America is still the land of opportunity and freedom.  I see it in the continuous investment being made by people in all areas of their lives.  And I even see it in this past year’s governmental decisions – agree with them or not – they were still ours to make.

We’re fortunate that even when everything seems to be going south, we have options for finding our way back.  We just need to make the effort to look and take action. I think we saw a lot of this in 2017 – and we’ll continue to see even more forward movement in the year to come.

Thank you to all of our clients and partners for your commitment and support in HL Group’s 2017 success.  I believe that 2018 will be another breakout year for our company and I pray it delivers equally well for our country and for each of you.