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Partnership Profile: Belmero

Know your strengths. We’ve all heard that statement many times before. In the world of solution consulting, it is easy to get away from that in our quests to solve client problems. But we aren’t truly serving our clients to the best of our abilities when we try to be all things to all people.

At HL Group, information capture and management is our strong suit. We have the ability to capture information at the source of items or activities, manage it and seamlessly communicate it to PeopleSoft and other Host systems. Once that handoff to the Host occurs, we bring in our partners to take it from there.

One of our key partners is Belmero, Inc. Belmero specializes in assisting PeopleSoft and other ERP clients to resolve stability, performance and support issues with their ERP solutions. Given the breadth and complexity of an ERP, it can be expensive and overwhelming for clients to support their ERPs, much less leverage all of the functionality and benefits it can offer.

Belmero’s team is staffed with experienced experts specializing in different ERPs. Those experts are matched with clients to assist them in optimizing, expanding and enhancing their solution – significantly increasing the client’s return on their ERP investment.

Together, HL Group and Belmero outfit our clients with the solutions and support to streamline their ERP to function across their organization out to where their assets reside and their staff is working – all the way back through to the ERP system itself. Combined, we ensure that the input, output and return on their ERP investment is the highest possible.