Happy Thanksgiving - Fall Leaves
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The Thanks Part of Thanksgiving

When I think of Thanksgiving, many things come to mind – family, turkey, football, parades, more food – you know the drill.

But one of my favorite aspects of Thanksgiving is the Thanks part.  That prospect of looking back at what we have, how far we’ve come, and (in spite of the many challenges of the last couple of years), all of the many ways that we’ve been blessed.

Every day, I get to work with an inspiring team.  Their talent and dedication brought my vision for our team and products to life and made this venture a reality.

I get to work with a wide variety of customers who trust us to resolve their challenges – and make the lives of the people on their teams a bit better.

I also get to work with some amazing partners.  Their energy and enthusiasm for our products – not to mention their own areas of expertise – round out mobilePLUS into a turn-key solution.

I’m also grateful for the readers of these posts.  I hope that they provide you with a little information, a little entertainment, and a little insight into who we are as an organization.

It’s easy to get lost in all that’s going wrong.  But I appreciate the reminders of all that’s right in our world too.

And pie – I’m really grateful for pie.