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RFID – An Easy Addition

Are you using RFID?  Many organizations have considered it – but may have delayed moving forward-thinking that it is too expensive or really complicated.  The truth is that, like anything, RFID has its nuances – but adding it to your solution processes may be easier than you think.

The appeal of RFID is that data collection can be done quickly, accurately, in quantity, and without the line of sight required by barcodes or manual review.  But visualizing how you may implement it in your business – without necessarily installing portals or modifying your environment can sometimes be challenging.

The technology has evolved significantly over the last several years – and may now offer approaches that may work for you – with less effort and investment than you think.  Take, for example, a product like our mobilePLUS solution.

mobilePLUS was created to leverage data collection technologies to automate fixed inventory activities.  While most of our customers still use linear and 2D barcodes as their primary data markings, more and more want to start using RFID.  A few years ago, mobilePLUS was upgraded to ensure that we could receive reads from either barcode or RFID scans with a simple switch of a configuration setting.

Modifying the software is just part of the process.  Naturally, you need the hardware side, also, to have an effective RFID solution.  One of the easiest approaches was made possible by our partner, AsReader.

AsReader offers devices that work in tandem with your handheld computer or tablet.  The superior performance of AsReader’s devices is why we have certified them with our mobilePLUS application.  AsReader complements your mobilePLUS solution (or other RFID-enabled business solution) quickly and with minimal investment.

Whenever changes are considered to our processes and solutions, I think there is often an assumption – no matter what the change – that it will be painful and is something to dread.  But in the case of RFID, changing can be an easy addition to your organization.  It is no longer an all-or-nothing approach for introducing RFID but allowing its use where it best fits.

We would be happy to discuss the advantages of RFID and how it can be leveraged with mobilePLUS.