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RFID is Ready Now for Workday

RFID has a strong history of use with fixed asset inventories.  Items targeted for tracking with RFID typically have either a high dollar value and/or a strategic value.  In these cases, the investment of RFID tagging and tracking is very cost-effective.

Now, the RFID option is available for use with Workday® Business Assets.


RFID, mobilePLUS & Workday

Last week, we talked about leveraging RFID technology with PeopleSoft.  In that article, we provided some of the unique history and value that RFID brings – especially when applied in a closed and repetitive environment like a fixed asset physical inventory.  RFID also offers value to other non-accounting related tasks such as compliance reporting or regulatory surveys and audits.

Using our mobilePLUS for Workday mobile inventory application, adding RFID is a simple change.  In fact, adding this capability is just a change in a configuration switch – not any change to the product code.

With mobilePLUS for Workday, we manage all requirements for using RFID at the solution edge.  That focus surrounds the mobile device and type of item tagging.  By focusing at the edge, no additional changes are required in your backend Workday environment when you’re ready for RFID.


It’s All in the Configuration

Since RFID is a configuration setting within mobilePLUS, you’ll be able to put it into production use with your Workday system in a few days – not weeks or months.  Even if you don’t want to start conducting automated inventories with RFID, it is easy to change your configuration settings when you do want it and even focus it on specific areas if preferred.  mobilePLUS also includes options that assist in the re-labeling from barcodes to RFID tags.

So whether you wish to begin with RFID or migrate specific inventories over to it later, mobilePLUS provides you with a mobile inventory solution for your Workday Business Assets.    It’s a complete one-stop option for all of the software, training, and support you will need to successfully implement and deploy with confidence and no risk.