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Sequester Encourages HL Group to Expand to Commercial Market

Whether or not you work in the government, chances are that you’ve been impacted in some way by the sequester that took effect in March. Maybe a program that you’ve used in the past has been cut or it is taking a lot longer to get an approval/registration/license. Perhaps the impact hasn’t been so much of a personal one, but instead, has affected your business.

That is the case at HL Group, Inc. HL Group of St. Louis, MO has been specializing in supply chain solutions for the government for over fifteen years. Two years ago, the heated budget stalemate in Washington resulted in delays and loss of funding for projects. These events turned out to be precursory indications of what was to come. The sequester has dug even deeper into government operations making it even more challenging for HL Group’s client teams to try to invest in system improvements – or even get office supplies or staffing, for that matter.

HL Group has always seen themselves as a dynamic organization. The current circumstances of the government market have certainly put that to the test. Seeing the direction of the government market – and the unlikely return of stabilization any time soon, HL Group determined that it was time to explore other markets and opportunities.

HL Group has maintained close partnerships with leaders in the supply chain industry such as HighJump Software, Intermec, and Seagull Scientific. Together, they provided many successful solutions for the Department of Defense, the Department of State, the U.S. Mint, and others. Now that the government environment has changed, these partners are working with HL Group to bring their business into the commercial market.

It has been an interesting transition for HL Group. Many of the standard factors HL Group included within a government solution, such as multiple levels of security and traceability, are now of greater importance to commercial customers.

Technologies, such as Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), have also evolved and matured to a point where they are now viable options for the commercial supply chain. As a result, HL Group has expanded their partnerships to include Entigral, one of the leading providers of RFID solutions on the market. Adding the RFID element to HL Group solutions has been able to further expand their solutions to ensure a good fit for clients – both commercial and government.

Even though HL Group has experienced quite a bit of change in the last few years, the diversification in their business has actually been a smooth one. For over 15 years, they have been leveraging their skills, experience and partner technologies in creating solutions for complex government organizations. This combination is now serving commercial customers well by providing them comprehensive supply chain solutions with strong ROI justification.

While HL Group’s roots and history are in the government market, their long-term strategy to diversify their solution offerings and also the types of clients that they assist, will ensure HL Group will be serving all types of supply chain organizations for years to come.

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