Improving Asset Spending for Growth
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The Strategic Advantage of Improving Asset Management

I was reading about the Mars Corporation recently.  The article discussed some of the differences in investment strategies between private and public corporations.  For example, private corporations can enjoy a much longer strategic plan and are accountable to their owners, unlike public organizations that usually have much shorter planning requirements and report to shareholders and Wall Street.

Naturally, it got me thinking about our own strategy with our mobilePLUS solution.

In our firm, we can spend months and sometimes years to achieve a strategic objective with the right level of oversight during that time.  It doesn’t mean all strategies pan out, but we only rake ourselves over the coals, not outsiders.  I feel like this allows us to be more honest in our assessments and decisions.

In public corporations, strategy can be an entirely different ball game.  Here you have 24×7 monitors of every step in your operations with the usual 50/50 split on how you’re doing.  Never mind the fact that your competitors are also watching – and judging.  That alone means that you can’t (or shouldn’t) expose your strategic plans in detail.

Asset Management as a Strategy

So, where does asset management fit into all of this?

Most organizations, public or private, can benefit from improved asset management.  And it doesn’t take a long-term strategy or shareholder pressure to make a difference.

In many organizations, asset expenditures represent the 2nd highest operational expense after payroll.  So, any attention and improvement to earlier asset expenditures or minimizing – even eliminating – some of the future spending goes directly to your bottom line.

Knowing what you have, where you have it, and what shape it’s in improves your operational performance.  And improved operational efficiencies will positively impact your customer experience, which also has a bottom-line impact in fewer issues and potentially greater sales.

Asset Management as a Solution

Better asset management is the improved knowledge of what I have, where it is, and where it has been.  All of this information is feasible with a trusted and timely solution that collects, communicates, and maintains asset information for inquiries and reporting.  This is the heart of what mobilePLUS supplies our customers.

Asset Management with mobilePLUS

With packaged solutions like mobilePLUS now available via cloud deployments and with certified standard mobile options, you have a solution available to you in a matter of hours or days, not months.

You can begin improving your asset management practices with a monthly subscription instead of the traditional purchase approach.  As a result, you’ll see the initial gains immediately and can provide a positive return on your investment within a 90-day window.

Let us work with you to determine if mobilePLUS can provide the improvements and return on your investment in the 1st 90 days – and every quarter after that.

Sometimes it is nice to have those quick wins without the risks and concerns of longer-term investments.