trust but verify - have confidence in data results
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Trust, but Verify

“Trust, but verify” ~ an old Russian proverb made famous in the U.S by Ronald Reagan

When do you trust but then still verify information?  In my opinion, it’s when the outcome is essential and matters more than the relationship between you and whoever provided you with this information.

Of course, if the relationship is more important, you just go with what they told you.

However, investments as important as your assets are definitely something that should be verified.

A Tool for Verification

By this definition, our mobilePLUS solution is the right tool for verification when it comes to your organization’s assets.  It can deliver critical data regarding things like “what do I have?” and “where do I have it?”

Answering those two questions alone can make all the difference when trying to be the best steward of the organization’s finances.

The Impact of Verification

Additionally, these asset investments were made with a purpose or goal, and our ability to deliver on those can directly impact effectiveness (another incentive for the correct data).  So our benefits aren’t just financial – they’re operational.

We have enough challenges today, with everything getting more expensive and labor becoming more scarce, just to name a few.  So mobilePLUS’s role in verifying critical elements like what we have and where (and more) is that much more valuable.

Not all automation tools can easily be measured on their impacts, but with mobilePLUS, you can achieve measurable results within your initial activities.

Let us show how we can create financial and operational impacts for your organization.

Words do matter, and used in the wrong context can even have a negative effect.  In this case, trust, but verify is the right thing to do with your organization’s assets.