Client Solutions

Warehousing Solution Enables DOD Integration Facility to Expand & Streamline Operations


A DOD facility providing media management, computer imaging and 3PL warehousing for military customers.


The challenge for this DOD facility was to maintain accurate inventories and to provide visibility of inventory levels to their specific customers/owners. Additionally, they performed media reproduction from masters, computer imaging of up to 200 systems simultaneously. Due to the technical nature of their items, many required traceability of the Lot Number and/or Serial Number. They were also rapidly increasing the number of customers serviced and moving into a larger building, with the requirement of continuous operation during the move.


Rather than build something themselves, they sought to leverage a commercial Warehouse Management System (WMS). We created a solution for them with the HighJump Warehouse Advantage (WA) product that was then tailored to meet their specific needs. WA is configurable and provides the capability to accommodate specific needs, such as serial number traceability. We were also able to structure their solution in a manner easily grow and move with them – without impact to productivity.


The successful solution implementation provided a significant increase in inventory accuracy, which resulted in a significant reduction in the customer’s/owner’s inventory safety stock – and associated expenditures. These improvements not only improved productivity and the bottom line, they assisted in enabling the facility to secure additional customers – expanding their value to the DOD.


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