Workday and Higher Education
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Workday, mobilePLUS, and Higher Education

This summer has been extremely unusual for me, with my daughter having completed 17 years of education (not counting the five years of preschool) and getting her degree.   Yippee! No more tuitions!

Prior to this year, summers were always busy, either with online classes (you have to love the new college approach to education) or preparing for the next school year.  This year we only have the wait until August for the final interviews for teaching positions – and the stress that now is producing.

Summer is also one of the only times educational institutions have a small break between semesters to fix, build or enhance their infrastructure tools (buildings, equipment, furniture, etc.).  This year, with our new relationship with Workday Business Assets, we are also playing a role in those “summer efforts.”

Our part in the process is to ensure that our clients have the best information on their existing assets to help guide them in both the purchases and the priorities of things needed.  Leveraging our mobilePLUS inventory solution with Workday gives them trustworthy and timely data in executing their plans.  We appreciate the small role we play in helping them provide the best education options with the least investment.

Every industry or market has windows where they try and take a step back and then re-examine what they’re doing internally and how.  That window offers an excellent time to visit the utilization of your current asset investments and accurately apply your funds for any new ones.

2021 is a year where we’re all resetting our operations based on new challenges and lessons learned.  Let us be a part of helping you establish those changes on the best facts possible!