mobilePLUS and Trilliott RFID
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mobilePLUS Expands its RFID Reach with Trilliott’s RFID Portal

There are many reasons to be excited about the V5 release of mobilePLUS.  If you’ve been considering RFID – we’ve got something big for you!  We have upgraded our RFID portal support with the Trilliott Overhead Scanner solution from our partner, Trilliott.

Trilliott is an industry-recognized leader in RFID technologies. In addition to cutting-edge RFID development, they also work with solution providers like ourselves and our partner, Liona Enterprises assisting us in the integration of RFID into our respective markets.

The Trilliott Overhead Scanner with mobilePLUS brings four unique values to our  mobilePLUS clients:

  • It leverages the latest in ImpinJ X-Array Overhead RFID technologyTrilliott Overhead Scanner
  • Unlike traditional RFID Portals, the Overhead Scanner requires very little disruption for build-out, resource expense, and effort
  • It provides high performance read rates with zone reading and directional information not possible with traditional Portals
  • You can still plan on mobilePLUS and the Trilliott Overhead Scanner being quickly and easily deployed in your environment – by your own team, with remote assistance from ours.

Combining the power of the Trilliott Overhead Scanner capability with the existing mobile RFID strength of mobilePLUS makes this an ideal choice for your RFID inventory requirements.

If you need to maintain visibility and track your unique items or assets and are curious about the potential for using RFID, please give us a call.  We’d be happy to discuss your processes and needs – and set up a demonstration so you can see mobilePLUS in action.