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A New Year’s Resolution for Your Business Assets

I love the prospect of a new year.  I get a bit of optimistic energy when I think about the prospect of new chapters, fresh starts, and new opportunities.  I know it’s an arbitrary mark in time – it’s not like any of the goals that I set for myself weren’t available to me a week ago.  But I still get excited about making plans for the year.

Among the usual categories of goals, I always add one focused on trying something new.  I do this to challenge myself to grow – especially since I have that common tendency to get a little too comfortable in my comfort zone.  It can be awkward, humbling, and sometimes painful (hello, strength training), but I’ve done this enough to know that some of the best experiences, results, and lessons learned come when I do something I’ve never done before.


A New Approach

I sometimes hesitate more when it comes to trying something new on my team.  After all, the implications of a failure impact more than just me and my (aching) biceps.  But again, the best thing for my team and our goals often sits on the other side of a new approach.

Trying something new doesn’t need to be an all-or-nothing deal.  Sometimes all you need is a test drive.


Give it a Try

That’s why we created our mobilePLUS for Workday Pilot Program.  It enables you to check out a new approach to improving and managing your Workday Business Asset data.

If you’ve wanted an easier way to track your business assets, conduct your asset audits, or just improve the quality of your business asset data, try the Pilot Program.  We’ll provide the software, services to get you going, and Workday expertise to ensure a smooth connection with your Tenant.

The mobilePLUS for Workday Pilot Program will give you an opportunity to see how extending the reach of your Workday solution with mobilePLUS can positively impact your Business Asset data and practices – within 90 days.

Contact us for more information or to set up a demo of mobilePLUS – and try something new this year (no aching biceps, I promise).