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A Quick Way to Expand Your Capital

With the end of 2019 fast approaching, most of us are reviewing this year’s budget performance along with finalizing plans for 2020.  We’re looking at what worked, what didn’t work and what should we do to meet (or ideally exceed) our goals for the coming year.

We’ve written many times on how every business improvement needs to ultimately impact your bottom line.  That’s why we believe so strongly in our mobilePLUS solution.  It can immediately improve asset visibility and utilization – reducing unnecessary expenditures and eliminate waste.  Having an impact on financials is good.  Doing so quickly is better.

But to get a return, quick or otherwise, on investment in an improvement solution means that it needs to work – and work well.  At HL Group, we’ve adopted a new motto around mobilePLUS:

Make it Easy.  Make it Accurate.

Make it Easy is all about improving the effort in accomplishing the tasks.  If you make the solution too challenging to use, you won’t get the best results.

Make it Accurate is all about those results.  Your improvement solution needs to be producing results that can be trusted and are useful.  Otherwise, it’s not worth any time or effort.

When the solution makes it easy to use and produces those dependable results, you’ve found the right fit.  Easy and Accurate translate to improved decisions surrounding your asset investments – immediately.

As you dive into your 2020 planning, here’s a whitepaper that you might find helpful: “The Case for Automating Asset Management Inventories”.

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Our success is directly tied to that of our customers and the impact that we can help them achieve.  We offer a complementary process review to anyone interested in getting a better understanding of where improvements can be made surrounding managing fixed assets – and where automation may help.  Just click here and let’s set up a time to talk.