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It’s Time to Migrate Your Mobile Devices

Windows Mobile is back in the news.  In a recent interview, Bill Gates was lamenting the fact that he didn’t maintain focus on the operating system during the U.S. Justice Department’s antitrust case against Microsoft.  As a result, they were late getting a release out and Microsoft missed getting a foothold in the mobile phone market.  As a result, Windows Mobile (or WinMobile as its frequently called) has been discontinued.

While WinMobile never got traction in the cell phone portion of the mobile device market, it did have a strong share of the industrial mobile device market.  These devices have a long life and frequently play a critical role on the shop floor, manufacturing, asset management, and other key functions.  Like with any important tool, there is a natural hesitancy and frequent delay in updating or changing them.  If something is working – don’t risk breaking it and disrupting production, right?

However, WinMobile isn’t something that is going out of style.  It has been discontinued and out of support.  Leaving your devices as they are is putting your organization at risk.

If you still have mobile devices on WinMobile, it’s time to migrate them.  Now. 

The migration doesn’t have to be traumatic and disruptive – but it does need to be done – now.  Check out our whitepaper for some different approaches to taking on this task.

If you aren’t sure what might be the best approach to migrate your mobile devices, give us a call.  We can help navigate you through this, offer additional information, and connect you to some of our partner resources.