Tracking Asset Location
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Answering the Second Question in Asset Management

When we first meet with an organization that’s seeking to get their fixed asset management under control, we typically hear them want to answer three questions about their assets:

  1. What do I have?
  2. Where do I have it?
  3. What shape is it in?

The second question of location can frequently change – more so than the other two questions.

And if you can’t find your assets, they aren’t serving their purpose – are they?

Keeping track of where things are located is important to maintaining an accurate view of your asset investments.  So we’ve built different tools into mobilePLUS to provide your team with easy ways to update asset locations.

Asset locations can be updated:

With a Mobile device, mobilePLUS Client enables your team to use a handheld device or tablet to note their location and update the asset’s record.

Via RFID  mobilePLUS supports fixed RFID scanners that collect asset movement data and update the asset’s record.

On a Webpage  mobilePLUS Host has a web interface that enables your team to easily update asset records on a desktop when the assets arrive at a new location.

During periodic inventory activities  And, of course, our original inventory audit transactions enable your team to report the asset’s current location during that count activity.


We are all about accurate asset data.  Making it easy for your team to capture information every day helps to ensure that what you know about your assets is timely and trustworthy.

Contact us if you’d like to see a demonstration of our different movement functions.  We’d be happy to discuss your asset management challenges – and what may be some best next steps to resolve them.