Making lemonade from lemons
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2023 Financial Challenges (or Opportunities?)

Over the past few years, we have written many posts on overcoming the pandemic and its challenges of resource shortages and labor.  While we’re still trying to overcome those, we get to add inflation and other financial challenges for 2023 and maybe longer.

Challenges have always been the fuel that has driven innovations and new opportunities.  That drive has led to some remarkable successes – which didn’t seem possible when the initial problem surfaced.  We felt that in April 2020 with Covid, but in reality, that is just one of the latest that the world has had to face.

I love history and the stories it shares on moving forward.  All of the truly remarkable advancements we’ve experienced were driven to overcome different challenges.

2023 is no different – it may just have some different labels.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

In my own life, there are similarities.  It might have been a loss of a job, a significant sale, or a key employee.  In each case, after I felt the initial shock and concern, I persevered and overcame the issue – and leaped forward.

It is not only attitude but the corresponding execution.  When you look around during any downtime, not everyone or business is at the same level.  Some, by either luck or circumstance, are doing well.  And those that then invest in their uniqueness continue to improve.

Our solution offering of mobilePLUS took a major hit in 2020 with shutdowns, work from home, and other new operational behaviors.  While it was a difficult time, it gave us a great opportunity to review and improve our business practices and solution functionality.

At the end of the day, it made us stronger operationally and as a customer option.

When looking at your plans and execution in 2023, look for the opportunities it opens up, and you will be much better off – rather than just waiting and hoping for things to improve.  It looks as if 2023 will provide us with many chances to do this!  I pray for your individual and organizational success in 2023.