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Are You Sure About That Data?

It feels like everywhere I turn, people are talking about AI and ChatGPT – what it can do, what it means for us in our work/jobs, how it will influence education – the list goes on.

While I’m completely fascinated with the technology, my data-focused head always wants to go back to the source.

What are the generated results based on (specifically)?  Can we trust the base data?

Trusting data is an issue that has been around LONG before the popularity of these technologies.  Just skimming headlines today, I saw stories about the fall of a Ponzi scheme, speculation about players’ potential in the Super Bowl, and the usual back-and-forth of our political parties.

Each of these offers examples where decisions were made or opinions were formed based on data (some trustworthy – some not so much (just ask the Ponzi scheme victims)).

After years of working with clients to clean up their data, I may be cynical.  But these days, it seems more challenging than ever to decipher fact from fiction.

While we may not be able to control the quality of the information that’s out there in the world, what we can do is ensure that the data that we collect and control is accurate.

If you want to dig into this more – I talk more about dealing with data here, here, and here.  And even more here.

Our team and our products are all about collecting quality data when it comes to your assets.  If you have a problem with your asset data – or haven’t thought about it for a while, contact us.  We’d be happy to review things with you and see if we can help you to increase quality – and trust the results.