Exploring the options of RFID
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RFID is Accessible – And Available Today

RFID technology has been around for a while – and its capabilities are impressive.  But while there’s interest, there hasn’t been widespread adoption.  When we’re talking about RFID with our clients, there are typically three concerns holding them back:


  • Tags are expensive. Although down to a few cents each in bulk, RFID tags seem more expensive than regular print labels
  • You need a new infrastructure.


  • It’s hard to change processes. Existing practices (even barcode processes in some cases) are well-entrenched.
  • This will add more work. We’re unsure of how to get data into core business systems (more data entry from this system to ours?)


  • We don’t have anyone on staff with this expertise, and my team doesn’t have time to ramp up & learn a new technology.
  • The IT staff has a long list of priorities and doesn’t have the bandwidth for another project


We get it.  New technologies can be overwhelming – to the point that it seems easier to do nothing.

mobilePLUS can help.

mobilePLUS enables your team to add RFID to your business processes at a low cost, with minimal disruption, and without burden to your staff.

mobilePLUS has RFID capabilities out of the box, manages the data collected via RFID, and communicates it to your system of record like Workday, ServiceNow, DPAS, or others.

Regardless of whether your data collection processes are still manual or if you’re using barcodes, mobilePLUS can overlay those processes, shortening the time they require and improving the quality of the results.

Your IT team doesn’t need to ramp up their RFID expertise.  mobilePLUS handles the heavy lifting of integration and communication.  All that’s needed from your IT team is a few hours for installation and connection – and you’re up and running.

You don’t need to overhaul your operations.  mobilePLUS works with a wide variety of hardware manufacturers and approaches to infrastructure.  Mobile devices like tablets and handhelds (some that you may already own) can be made into RFID tools with the addition of an AsReader.  Your operations can grow from there as you become more comfortable with RFID.


RFID is available today – and it doesn’t require heavy customization to your core business systems or a huge investment in your infrastructure.

Contact us if you’re curious about RFID or would like to discuss potential options for approach in your organization.