Arrogance – A Challenge to Long-Term Success
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Arrogance – A Challenge to Long-Term Success

We all strive to be successful and enjoy the resulting benefits it brings.  Whether that is wealth, fame, or comfort, those are the results we typically expect.  However, once achieved, the real challenge is sustaining this success.

Many things in life are outside of our control, such as the weather, disease, etc.  The key is to focus on those things where we do have some influence and maximize our successful management of them.  What seems to be a significant detractor to our long-term success is “arrogance.”


Arrogance: an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions (Merriam-Webster)


The leading countries, best corporations, top athletes, hottest products eventually diminish and are replaced with newer versions.  Many times, those replacements are built from the existing leader’s strengths – but with improvements.  If that is all that it takes, why don’t those current leaders follow that path themselves?

One of the critical contributors to this situation may be the reliance on their own success stories and the image they may have created.  That reliance is where “arrogance” steps in and impacts behaviors and actions.  It seems these leaders have forgotten about the dream, the investigation, and the hard work that got them there.  Assuming that you’ll naturally stay on top without continued effort plays right into arrogance – and declining results.


A Path Forward

Our world today is very complex and is changing at a rapid pace.  These dynamics create challenges – and opportunities.  The key to taking advantage of these opportunities includes staying knowledgeable and learning the alternatives for adapting and even growing.  It also includes surrounding ourselves with folks that can help us best leverage our strengths and also fill in the gaps from our weaknesses.

The first step is getting clear about where you are – and that requires data.  When you invest in accurate data, it enables you to look at potential options and your best possible resources to complement your strengths and fill in your gaps.  Taking this approach substantially improves your ability to not only succeed but to grow.  So lose the arrogance and replace it with “confidence” that you will use the best approach and team to move forward.


Confidence: faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper, or effective way (Merriam-Webster)


An Example of the Tools Available

The mission of HL Group is all about the capture and communication of accurate and timely data.  Our mobilePLUS solution is a good example of how we help teams make better decisions.  Ensuring an organization has the most trustworthy, timely, and critical data before making decisions reduces its risk and improves the success of those decisions.

The successful development of mobilePLUS followed a similar path.  We reviewed initial requirements, identified the best approach to accomplish the tasks, and then executed to deliver.  We continue this formula to ensure that we always improve our solutions – and our customer’s results.


Your initial success is hard enough, but the real challenge is maintaining it over time.  Don’t let arrogance cloud the principles that got you there and are still available to you.  Take the confidence from your achievement and continue to surround yourself with learning and community – and you’ll likely continue to enjoy all of those benefits of success.