Asset Tracking with mobilePLUS
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Inbound/Outbound Asset Tracking with mobilePLUS

For the past 20 years, our mission has been focused on providing state-of-the-art, comprehensive, and efficient data collection solutions for our clients.  Our mobilePLUS solution grew out of those years of experience.  It continues to grow and evolve to meet our clients where they need their asset solutions to perform.

One of our latest enhancements can be found in our mobilePLUS Host module:  the Inbound/Outbound functions.  As with most of our new features, this was driven by customer requests.

There was a need to expand the visibility points of assets beyond periodic audits.  Inbound/Outbound offers this capability in two ways:

  • Movement Tracking: In many organizations, assets are moved and shuffled between various locations/campuses/facilities.  Inbound/Outbound Move enables the recording of this movement of asset inventory items.  It provides an easy-to-administer solution that offers all sites the ability to record their assets’ comings and goings, resulting in updated visibility.
  • Register and Tagging: Inbound/Outbound also enables the recording and labeling of new assets as they came into an organization. Beginning the chain of custody on receipt ensures the greatest opportunity for managing assets – cradle to grave.  It also provides a backup confirmation with your existing receiving operations.

These new functions are now available to anyone on your network with access to a browser and mobilePLUS Host.  This means that not only can your Receiving Department have this capability, but any remote office or facility can use it too.  The key is to gain the earliest visibility possible on a new asset and also collect accurate location information for existing assets.

As with all the functions in the mobilePLUS solution, Inbound/Outbound is tied into our logging capability.  So as activity occurs – whether tracing or registration – you will have a set of detailed records that you can leverage for inquiries or other reporting needs.

HL Group is proud to now offer the Inbound / Outbound capability in our mobilePLUS solution as part of our portfolio of features.  Our ongoing expansion of feature offerings and continued integration expansion with solutions such as Workday, PeopleSoft, DPAS, and other host systems ensure its position as the premier mobile inventory option for both government and commercial operations.