What is Your Manifesto?
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What is your Manifesto?

I have written several times on thoughts, ideas, and experiences I have reflected on after reading John O’Leary’s Monday Motivation blog.  It is both educational and inspirational – and a great way to begin my work week with a positive frame of mind.  This week’s blog was another excellent reminder of what is important to me.

Monday’s entry discussed the “The Live Inspired Together Manifesto.” Here, John shares what his organization has established in guiding them in their everyday activities. While most of us have “mission statements” and other public messaging regarding our goals, we haven’t always gone to the effort of detailing the specific components.

Here at HL Group, we haven’t produced a list as clearly as John’s organization, but many of the items he defines are shared by our team – and we’ve discussed many times internally.  In reviewing John’s manifesto, you may also find that you also agree with many of the items listed.  The challenge is to include them in your day-to-day behaviors – not just leave them on a list of goals.

You are what you donot what you say you‘ll do.”

-Carl Gustav Jung

Taking On the Challenge

While it would be nice to have your own manifesto, the key is to incorporate whatever guidelines you desire into your everyday life.

Like nearly every other organization, our entire business world was turned upside down at the beginning of 2020.  At the time, we were in the middle of transitioning our firm from system integrator to software manufacture and launching mobilePLUS.  The timing couldn’t have been worse.

We had to re-write our business approach within the constraints of the new travel and work challenges COVID presented. I’m happy to say that these challenges – and the ultimate results – have produced a better solution, a stronger approach, and more efficient operations.

While most of us like to resist change, it is the catalyst for the bulk of our improvement. We’re a stronger company in 2021, and our future is even clearer and brighter!


Experiencing the Result

One of the biggest challenges with this business transition in 2020 was the introduction of “remote” and “online” versus in-person interaction. I’m a strong believer that business is personal, and face-to-face interactions are components of this attitude.  Learning how to create that relationship and commitment without in-person activities was something we had to learn, understand and incorporate into our daily existence.

An important factor in creating these new relationships and trust – without meeting in-person – was that we relied more heavily on aligning our core beliefs (our manifesto) and communicating them more effectively.  While John has recently published his organization’s manifesto for all of us to see, its content was no surprise as I’ve always seen it in his actions.

At HL Group, we’re intentional that all of our inbound and outbound activities always share our organizational value.  Those values have played a crucial role in building our relationships and trust with our prospects and customers.