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Communication – The Foundation for Success

In today’s challenging world, it seems everyone is desperately trying to find trustworthy information.  It’s frustratingly scarce.

The news anchors are providing their spin of the facts.  There’s a lack of details in reports that might help us better understand the message – never mind clarity of reason for the story.  Communication today is a mess.


Communication Motivation

There have been many studies conducted over the years regarding the best ways to motivate your employees.  Management may often feel that money is the strongest motivator.  But that generally falls into the second quadrant of motivations.

The top two answers from employees usually deal with respect (how we communicate with them – frequency & style) and information on company matters (what, why & how the company is conducting business).

These same preferences hold true today when it comes to our government and its handling of the pandemic – and our happiness and motivations as U.S. citizens.  First, the style in which the information is communicated to us (by government officials, experts, news media, etc.) has been offensive to most of us at different times.  Second, trying to find accurate data to gain a better understanding of what we’re being told (the facts, the why & how), is exhausting.


Communication Practice

With all of these challenges, I find a lot of satisfaction in being part of a business built on good communications.  Externally, the solutions that we provide to our customers are all about trustworthy and timely information for decisions.  Internally, it is part of our successful deployment practices that contribute to our success.

Selling our mobilePLUS application is pretty simple because of its high-value proposition.  A good friend and mentor of mine instilled in me the mantra of “Always Sell Value.”  Offering a capability with a foundation in harvesting and providing reliable information for decisions allows us to assist organizations in their improved management.  It also enhances their ability to provide some of the “why” of that data to their employees.

In our line of business of providing software solutions, good communications start with:

  • Identification of the Goals – assisting customers in defining & developing ideal results
  • Conveying Benefit of Our Solution – providing clear information on meeting these goals
  • Project Management – leveraging a comprehensive communication practice throughout project across the entire team
  • Solution Sustainment – rapid, honest response to problems as they arise and ongoing information on product, industry and other changes that may impact them


Communication Results

Communication is the foundation of everything we do as a spouse, parent, friend, employer, and every personal relationship we have.  We’re never so good at it that we can’t grow.  Just the other day, my daughter said that I needed to “listen better!”

How we communicate, and the level of understanding that we convey is key to our success and that of those around us.  It works best when it is intentional and done with respect and patience.  As my wife frequently reminds me, “It’s not what you said, but what is heard that matters!”


And in the spirit of communication, we continue to pray for the health and safety of your families, organizations, and your community.