Always Be Learning
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Continuing to Learn is a Key to Success

I have written before regarding my admiration for Condoleezza Rice.  Her journey began in a humble middle-class home in the deep South during the ’60s and led her to be fourth in line for the succession of the Presidency.  This was no easy feat for an African American woman – even today – but especially not through those years.

This last week, I watched a series of videos where she and two other African American success stories talked about their personal experiences in Birmingham in 1963.  It was an interesting discussion as it was such a pivotal period in our country’s history with racism.  They discussed their awareness of events – and their personal paths beyond them.

Their universal theme was education and awareness.  They each committed to continually expanding their knowledge and made the effort to utilize it.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”  Socrates

Opportunities to Learn Are Everywhere

Education doesn’t have to be limited to a formal classroom.  Lessons are everywhere and come in all shapes and sizes.  But we need to invest our energies and be open to learning whenever the opportunity presents itself.

When we use knowledge to understand, not just to support ourselves, it substantially assists our success.  It will improve communications and relationships with family, co-workers, partners, and customers.  It makes us better business people – and makes our companies better businesses.

In our software solutions business, the sales process is long, and the customer relationship is even longer (some for 20+ years).  Having one built on trust and good communication is key.  Our commitment to knowledge plays a vital role in helping us establish and maintain those abilities.

Creating Opportunities

On a personal note, please assist where you can in establishing this interest in learning with our children.  Whether you are engaged with school boards, local charities, or just being a “book buddy” for a child, you can make a difference.

Let’s establish this desire early, and it will bring remarkable results!