Making a decision
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Evaluating the People, the Company and the Product

When finding solutions for our businesses, most of us start by listing what we think are our needs and then look for products that offer functions that match those needs.

After conducting market research, we might contact potential providers directly requesting proposals or create a more structured solicitation like a Request for Quote (RFQ) or Request for Proposal (RFP).

These activities are great at matching up many elements that are important to the overall success of your project.

“All good businesses are personal.  The best businesses are very personal.”                   ~ Mark Cuban

People Over Product

I believe the personal aspects of the people and company you’re considering partnering with to fix your issue can be more important than the actual product.  This is especially true in the software world.

Most software decisions are an investment in a long-term solution that reaches well beyond your initial needs.

Of course, the product must deliver the needed fix.

But keep in mind that the person selling that solution to you is your lead advocate in their organization.  Are they someone you can trust and have the ability to represent you effectively?

Having a champion you trust and can count on is critical!

It Starts at the Top

Doing business with an organization that demonstrates positive leadership, with a clear vision of their goals, values, and high standards for their work, is essential.  This can be evaluated by observing their people, operational plans, and product road maps – and talking to their customers.

Understanding an organization, its goals, and supporting behaviors will help you to anticipate what to expect in your future experience.

Gathering all of this information takes time and energy.  However, I know from my personal experiences over the past 45 years that it’s worth the time and investment for the best results.


Our mobilePLUS customers have been with us for many years, and our success is based on the long-term personal relationships we have fostered as we have grown and changed.

It is always personal – so you may as well make it that way from the beginning.