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Customer Service – A Key to Success

One of the daily blogs I subscribe to is Seth Godin’s.  One of his recent posts was an excellent reminder of a critical component of my business – Customer Service.

When you’re a small business like HL Group, everything you do reflects on the management and ownership.  When you provide a software solution with a long life with your customers – the message, sales experience, implementation, and support experiences are all critical.

Our customer base includes large and small organizations, government and commercial entities, end users, and partners.  The common characteristic across all of these is the quality of the relationships we have, some beginning as long as 25 years ago.

Making an investment in any solution is always a difficult decision, especially in this era of organizations having shorter shelf lives – regardless of their size.

That drives our investment with our mobilePLUS product beyond just functionality and current technology to the components around its use for your success:

Product Direction – Choosing the right path while maintaining a willingness to adapt to new approaches

Testing and Quality – Investment in tools and people with the commitment to the time to get it right

Implementation Requirements – Documented and resourced approach to ensure clients achieve their desired success with minimal operational impact

Ongoing Support – Keeping it personal and responsive with a clear path to adaptability as new requirements show up

Thank you, Seth, for putting the reminder on my plate as we enter 2024.  We’re proud of our investment and commitment to a quality customer experience – including the importance of continuous review for the best results.

2024 is looking like another banner year for mobilePLUS, and we wish all of you the same success in your endeavors.  Make sure you include “customer service” as one of your key differentiators!