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Can vs. Does – An Important Distinction

In the software world, you hear the terms CAN and DOES used quite a bit.  But the differences in these terms can significantly impact your solution’s timeline – and cost.

Let me put it another way.

I’ve been running for years.  I do mostly short-distance racing and running for exercise.  If I put in the time and training, I could run a marathon.  Given my athletic abilities and age, I wouldn’t win one (not even close) – but I could complete one.

Anne’s body DOES run (now).

Anne’s body (with significant time and training) CAN run a marathon (sometime later in the year).

When you’re looking at software to leverage in your solutions, DOES is important.  It means the software performs that particular function NOW. 

If the software CAN do that function, make sure to factor in Services dollars and time for Development and Testing because that capability isn’t ready for use out of the box.

So, to sum it up:

DOES – the software performs this function out of the box

CAN – the software could perform this function once it’s developed and tested

TBH – Anne will never run a marathon.  Let’s just say there are a few (dozen) other things on the bucket list before this one.

And if the problem you’re trying to solve involves tracking your fixed assets, contact us.  Our mobilePLUS solution, and all that it does, might be the right fit for what you’re trying to accomplish.