Fast Food, a Miracle on 34th Street & Rising Tides
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Fast Food, a Miracle on 34th Street & Rising Tides

2020 has been a strange year, to put it very (very) mildly.  So much so, in my mind today, the terms “Fast Food,” “A Miracle on 34th Street,” and “Rising Tides” all connected – and made sense.  Before you think this is the result of too much caffeine and election anxiety – hear me out.

We’re all trying to adjust and adapt ourselves – and our businesses during these crazy times.  Our competition used to be the other guy down the street.  But these days, our challenge connecting with potential clients is much different than it was at the beginning of the year.

So as businesses, we get creative, we get back to the basics of serving our customers, and we remind ourselves that we are all connected.  A perfect example of this was found in an article I came across this week on Inc.  It talked about how Burger King sent out a tweet asking customers to order from McDonald’s.  This messaging was definitely not anything anyone would have expected.

But it was creative and got attention (we’re talking about it, right?).  It addressed customers with an understanding that many of us have changed our habits and our spending.  It met us where we’re at in the course of a pandemic.  And it recognized that getting customers comfortable patronizing businesses again is a win for us all.

After all, rising tides raise all boats.

As for the Miracle on 34th Street?  That one goes to Wes Haubein.  He reminded me about the Santa at Macy’s that was advising people to go to other stores.  That Santa – and the store – were respected for their care of the customer.  It brought them the positive recognition that Burger King is getting now.

We’re all facing challenges.  Many of our teams are more distributed.  Some companies may not open their offices until next year.  These factors impact how we address systems, processes – and procurement of new solutions.

We’re struggling with that too.  mobilePLUS is a great asset inventory system.  But we do need our customers to be in a place where they are actually conducting inventories in order for that quality to be seen.

Yes – I’ve probably had too much caffeine – and I’m at the end of my rope on all of this election stuff.  But what I know for sure is that by focusing on our customer’s needs and staying connected, we will come through this challenge stronger – together.