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FI$Cal, PeopleSoft, Accenture, GDS & mobilePLUS – Teaming for Success!

In most successes, the best results happen when you combine and apply the strengths across your team.  That was (and is) the case with the effort behind the mobilePLUS for FI$Cal solution.  Combining FI$Cal, PeopleSoft, Accenture, GDS and mobilePLUS has resulted in an ideal capability for managing Fixed Assets across California.


A Little History

Accenture invited HL Group to be part of their capture team for a PeopleSoft implementation with the State of California in 2010.  This is one of the largest and most complex implementations of a financial solution in the world – addressing over 250 departments and agencies.  Our role in this project has been to provide a mobile inventory capability for their PeopleSoft Fixed Assets solution.

HL Group has been working with PeopleSoft since 1998 providing supply chain and asset inventory options for their clients.  This relationship has proven highly valuable to our mutual clients and has resulted in numerous awards to government agencies for their ability to manage their fixed assets.

Our partnership with Accenture also goes back nearly two decades teaming on a variety of customer successes since 2000.  Together, we have worked with clients providing long-term capabilities in maximizing asset utilization and investment. This has included navigating numerous technology changes in mobile device options (smart phones, tablets, Android, etc.)  and capture options (2D barcode, RFID, etc.).


The FI$Cal Project

Critical financial modules were naturally the focus of FI$Cal’s early deployment activities.  Later phases included capabilities supporting those crucial modules, like Fixed Asset management.  That delayed HL Group and mobilePLUS’ role for a few years until the individual departments and agencies were ready to take advantage of these options.  That time has come and we’re ready for our contribution to FI$Cal’s continued success.

Since 2014, HL Group has partnered with Granite Data Solutions (GDS), a California Certified Disabled Veteran Owned Business Enterprise based in Sacramento.  GDS brings twenty years of success in providing technology-based products and services to the state and other government operations. Coupling their expertise and contracting options with the State of California, they provide a great option with the mobilePLUS for FI$Cal solution.


mobilePLUS & FI$Cal

mobilePLUS has been integrated with and configured for FI$Cal.  Combined with local GDS delivery and support makes mobilePLUS for FI$Cal a low-risk, high-value option for any California State department or agency.  Additionally factoring assistance in data migration, asset tagging and leveraging new technology (tablets & RFID) into our delivered solutions makes this a win for everyone.

HL Group is proud and appreciative of our long-term relationships with PeopleSoft, Accenture, GDS and the FI$Cal Office.  It has been a model for our continued success with Workday, DOD (DPAS), RFID and industrial tablets.  We look forward to delivering the success we’ve had with California to other government organizations.