mobilePLUS for Workday Integrated & Ready
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mobilePLUS for Workday® – Integrated & Ready

HL Group and our partner, Makse Group have completed the integration and packaging of our new Workday® Business Assets application – mobilePLUS for Workday.  This new solution enables Workday users to conduct their periodic inventories and audits much easier, faster, and without errors.

Combining Workday’s published API’s and mobilePLUS’s architecture and configurability, Workday’s users can leverage a mobile electronic inventory solution versus the traditional approach of the pen, clipboard, and manual data entry process.

mobilePLUS for Workday takes full advantage of the strong Android and Windows mobile options available in the market and the accuracy of barcode and RFID to make this a great option for Workday clients.

The mobilePLUS for Workday solution provides all of the tools required in completing inventories and audits:

  • Electronic exchange with Workday of all data before and after the inventory activities
  • Organize and assign the inventory work for your staff & their mobile devices
  • Directed activities to ensure completion of all tasks – accurately
  • Review and reconcile the results before giving them back to Workday
  • Log of all asset items, user and event activities for reference and reporting

mobilePLUS for Workday is a fully packaged solution making going into production, easy, quick, and low risk:

  • Pre-configured application for use with Workday
  • Automated installation scripts for database, network, and mobile devices
  • Scripted training with pre-packaged data to be used as needed
  • Online and telephone support for installation, go-live, and ongoing use

mobilePLUS for Workday delivers key benefits that are ideal in any automation project:

  • Pre-built functionality suited to your organization
  • Easy and low risk to implement
  • Rapid to deploy and begin enjoying ROI


Contact us for additional information and/or a demonstration of the mobilePLUS for Workday solution.



mobilePLUS has been designed to be compatible with Workday® Financial Management public web service APIs.  HL Group, Inc. is a Workday Emerging Partner.
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