Gratitude in Action
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Gratitude In Action

It seems like a day hasn’t gone by where someone hasn’t written something about the many challenges and the pain that 2020 has served up.  In the midst of all of this, it’s not always easy to find things we can be grateful for this year.

But now, as Thanksgiving arrives and we enter the holiday season, I think we have an excellent opportunity to look at what we have been blessed with this year. Definition of Gratitude

We’ve all been advised to forego our usual traditions and stay separate from others during this holiday weekend – and given all that we’ve faced and will continue to address for part of 2021, articulating our gratitude may feel challenging.

Here are three easy steps I follow at this time every year.  It really helps me to remember all that I have to be grateful for:

1. Create a written list of all the good things that happened during 2020 and who was involved.

2. Let those people know how much you appreciated their efforts and the impact it had on you.

There are many ways to accomplish this:

  • Phone Call (easy to do, and it’s always nice to hear the voice and inflection)
  • Electronically (by email or text – also easy but less personal)
  • Letter or Note Card (this one’s my favorite in today’s world of quick and short messaging – it gives the recipient something to hold and keep)
  • Video Call (it’s nice to have the visual and body language)
  • In-Person (I think this is the best way – and can still be done with masks and social distancing – eyes can convey a lot of the gratitude)

3. The final task is to review your original list and commit to delivering similar positive experiences to others throughout 2021.

Take time to remember the good things in 2020 – and make an effort to share your appreciation with those who were a part of them.  The action will have significant value for both of you.  After all, there is no greater reward than someone appreciating your efforts.

I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and the opportunity to share good wishes with those important to you!