RFID & Workday Business Assets
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RFID for Workday Business Assets Just Got Better

It may surprise you how easy and cost-effective introducing RFID to your Workday Business Assets can be with the right tools and approach.

mobilePLUS for Workday has always included an option for leveraging RFID for Workday Business Assets.  With the release of Version 5, we’re offering you even more capabilities to meet your specific Business Asset needs.

While RFID isn’t a new technology, it is experiencing a renewed focus.  This is due to improved capture technology and back-end solutions that make the data collected usable – and readily available – for our core business solutions.

mobilePLUS and our partners at AsReader, DT Research, and Trilliott have created a collection of capabilities to ensure every aspect of your Business Asset needs are met.  Now, with our Version 5 release and these powerful partner products, our clients can experience:

  • High-performance mobile RFID capture at 30+ feet:  DT Research provides rugged mobile devices with a built-in RFID reader, and AsReader’s handheld device RFID-enables existing Windows and Android mobile devices
  • Drastically improved overhead RFID fixed Readers that not only can capture RFID tag presence – but also directional movement:  Trilliott’s Impinj Scanner with SmartSITE provides an advanced hands-free reader that offers easy implementation and lower cost than traditional fixed scanners
  • Cloud and On-premise solutions to complement your system environment requirements – securely:  We have our SOC 2 Certification underway & expected by mid-Q3

These powerful new capture and environment options, combined with our existing asset intelligence tools and integration to Workday, can improve your Workday business asset management – at a significantly lower time and dollar investment than in years past.

Let us show you how we can transition your asset inventory processes from a manual operation to either barcode, RFID, or a combination of each – ensuring you have the right tools for the right results.


Are you just getting started looking at RFID for your Workday solution?  Here’s some additional information that you may find helpful: